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All Of Our Phrases

... A list of all of the phrases on our jewelry!

We are just starting to list, there are many more.... (a work in progress!)
these are NOT in any particular order
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"And she lived Happily ever After..."
"Believe in Yourself"
"Bless this Woman"
"One Day at a Time"
"This Too Shall Pass"
"Remember~I am always here for you"
"I will travel down the path of my Dreams"
"Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams"
"It will be Alright"
"With God all things are Possible"
"My possibilities are Endless"
"Great Things are in my Future"
"Be Happy"
"I am Blessed to have a Friend like you"
"A True Friend should be held with both Hands"
"You are very Special to Me"
"Mind*Body*Spirit~Be Well"
"Sisters make the Best Friends"
"My Friend~You are the sister I wish I had"
"I don't need a therapist~I have my Sister!"
"I am always with you"
"Stay Strong"
"I always believe in You"
"Life is a Journey~Not a Destination~Enjoy the Moments"
"When God made DOG He smiled"
"Be the Person your DOG thinks you are"
"Forget finding the right man~Get a DOG"
"My DOG Loves me when Nobody else does!"
"Bad to the Bone!" (bone shape pendant)
"GIRLFRIENDS~Through Thick & Thin"
"WARRIOR~I am Strong"
"My DOG loves ME the Most!"
"One Cat just leads to Another!"
"You are Appreciated"
"NOW is a Good Time"
"Keep it Simple"
"I am a Survivor"
"I can do it~Anything is Possible"
"I make a Difference"
"Live Bold"
"Life your Best Life"
"I Believe in Happiness"
"Good Fortune"
"Live Bold"
"Protect Me"
"I Love you to the Moon & Back"
"Time Heals"
"You are Loved"


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